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Give Us Your Body, We’ll Give Your Mind

I wish I could go back time and never have taken psychiatric medication. I’m not even sure how much I credit it with my stability. There are definitely times that it was helpful, but did I ne…

Source: Give Us Your Body, We’ll Give Your Mind

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My foot

I have been stopped before starting my gym appointments. I managed to tear 2 ligaments in my left foot. It is an old injury acting up. I now have to wait 2 weeks to start my exercise program — bummer.hurt foot

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Working off the pounds

I completed my first round of fitness evaluation with the Kinesiologist the other day. I learned how to use the various torture machines they have in their gym. My foot is still bothering me so we had to keep it short, but her evaluation was the same. I was fat and out of shape; or words to that effect.excersize

My objective is to start at 2 days a week, then move up to three when my foot has had a chance to heal.  Overall I did enjoy the machines since they do a lot of the work for you. The only one I didn’t like was the exercise bicycle because I could not find a comfortable position on the seat. A common occurrence I have been told.

I go in again next Tuesday. I will still be full of turkey. That should be fun.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this weekend! happy thanks giving

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My Recipe for Fall


Are we ready for Fall?

Please give me a reason, tofall leaves3
Prepare for the season

Leaves are beginning to turn
Endless beauty of amber and gold
Colors of fall, a sight to behold
I feel my heart will never learn

Dare I go back to another time?2013-11-18 09.17.37
Endless memories when you were mine,
Renders me sad, renders me blue

So now that you’re gone
And I must continue on
No more memories, no more you

Gathering thoughts for the reason, to
Ready myself for the season
I am ready for Fall
And knowing we’re through

A fun recipe to ready myself for the season -Apple Cider Sangria

It’s crisp, light and refreshing.  A perfect seasonal cocktail.


  • 1 bottle or 750 ml of Moscato wine (semi-sweet white wine)
  • 1 cup light rum
  • 1 ½ cups…

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I just found out that all my posts were being sent to my Facebook page. This is fine , I guess. It just opens my audience up a heck of a lot wider. It also means that people that I would never have read my blog are. Not a serious problem I guess. I haven’t told that many lies : ) .

The other surprise was I found out I have been broadcasting posts on ” Linkdin ” too. That one I had to stop, I meet professional colleagues on that one.308303-facebook-like-button-upside-down

The moral of my story is be careful what box you click.


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My phone

My cell phone is in it’s last throws of agony. It is breaking down beyond my tolerable levels. Now, I have to go through the painful process of buying a new one.

I know very little about the new cell phones. but because my contract was up over a year ago, apparently the new phone will be free. I want to keep my old one as it has over 1200 songs on it. (I know…I know).

I am a die hard iPhone user. Simply because I have an iPad and use iTunes, It all fits together. I have finally grasped the workings of the “i Language” I don’t want to learn “Android”. It all sounds like too complicated to me.

My Daughter is a Cell phone pro so she is going to take me phone shopping next week. She is an “i Person” so she can get me the best deal.


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Spiders Web (Please Share!)

Sounds like a great Idea

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Broke 50 followers

Thank you


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My Kids

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Must Not Fail.”

pc5onKnBiThe 3 things in my life I must not fail are my children. Calling them children at their age is a bit silly. They are all in their early twenties. I can still help out now and then and they know Dad is always there for them.


September 26, 2015 · 4:49 pm

A Better Day

I am feeling much better today. Thanks for the suggestions. It is good to know I have some caring friends out there.


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